Everything you need to know about Retinol

What is Retinol?

Retinol is one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients to help re-texturize skin and dramatically reduce wrinkles. Retinol belongs to a group of chemicals called retinoids, a type of compound that’s derived from vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for supporting your vision, skin, healthy bone growth and your immune system. As an antioxidant vitamin A helps skin to repair, stay moist, and produce the enzymes that stabilise the production of collagen.

Despite the overwhelming consensus amongst dermatologists that retinol is possibly the most effective solution for visibly reversing the signs of aging, many still don’t know about this transformative ingredient. There are very few skincare ingredients that are supported with such convincing scientific research as retinol. Decades of research prove its remarkable ability to strengthen the structure of skin and visibly reduce lines and wrinkles. Since the 1960’s when the skincare benefits of retinol were first recognised, scientists have worked to incorporate it into products targeted to treat signs of aging and acne.

Introducing the Vitamin A family

Retinoids is the umbrella name for a class of compounds that encompasses retino