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Our 20% VITAMIN C SERUM reviewed by skincare expert and Beauty Blogger Michelle from Lab Muffin...



Beauty blogger and lover of all things skincare, Fiona shares her thoughts... 


"For the high quality of the formulation, concentration of active ingredients, great feel and texture of the product and of course it's effectiveness, Ausceuticals is definitely a brand to consider when looking for active serums"...


Our Peptide moisturiser made the cut on Fluke Beauty's 2017 list of skincare favorites. 

"I usually don’t make a big fuss about day creams but the Ausceuticals Peptide Moisturiser has overtaken all others this year. Packed full of anti ageing and hydrating ingredients, this light weight moisturiser is perfect for all skin types"...


"For those of you who know me or follow me on Instagram you will know my preference is to embrace both green and traditional skincare so Ausceuticals definitely appeals to me as they are focussed on harvesting the best of both worlds whilst remaining essential oil free..."

Genaya of My Skin and Style -

I started using your Collagen Serum 5 months ago. I was experiencing a lot of dryness and crepiness and just put it down to getting older. Purchased this on a whim and without expecting much, but, I honestly cannot believe how much my skin has changed in such a short time. best deciesion I've made. My skin is smoother, tighter, and I no longer experience crepiness. Best of all, my family and friends think I look 10 years younger. I've been told my skin glows, and I haven't heard that in years. I'm now on my second bottle. I love this product, and will never be without it.
Irene Wilton, 54, Melbourne
I'm so happy to have found a great product to replace my super expensive C Serum. 
Melissa Eaton, NSW
Lovely to deal with, replies to emails with such kindness and in a lot of detail. The products are also absolutely beautiful
Irena Otovic, Victoria, via Facebook 

I have been using Ausceuticals products now for over 6 months I love the Collagen serum and the Vit C serum and the moisturiser is brilliant. I love that they are toxic free and my skin has never felt so good


Lisa Hines, Perth





The ingredient list for Beauty Blend is a dream. This is the ultimate oil serum. It’s clean and natural and turbo boosted by science. I’m using it day and night and could not be happier with my skin


Evelyn L. Adams, New York



I came across your products accidentally when looking for some skincare recommended by a friend. I had the wrong name and found your site instead. I have been using the Calm Down Powder, Peptide moisturiser and Collagen serum for the past month. The serum is amazing... but the Calm Down Powder cleanser is absolutely the best cleanser I have ever come across! It leaves my skin feeling cleaner than ever without the oils, as my skin is forever oily, and it brightens my skin so much! I have been make up free now for the past 3 weeks just using these products and my skin has never felt better! I never go make up free!

I have a daughter with Type 1 diabetes that leaves her skin on her t-zone extremely oily from perspiration with fluctuating blood sugar levels and this is the perfect gentle cleanser for her! I've just bought 3 more bottles and 3 bottles of the Dark Star Cleanser as well! What a fabulous product - 3 in 1 cleanser, exfoliator and mask in one for only $18 a bottle! 

I use it every day, sometimes twice (morning and before bed because I love how it makes my skin feel) and it's lasted just over a month. My bottle would have lasted longer too if my teenage daughter hadn't snuck it for herself and dropped the bottle losing a fair amount  

Thank you! Cannot recommend highly enough!!!

Paige Kathleen via Facebook



I am using your Beauty Oil and it is saving my dry mature skin, excellent products well formulated


Michelle Thistle via Facebook




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